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  • 1V-LSD is a legal LSD-derivative.
  • 1V-LSD is for innovative research.
  • 1V-LSD politicises us.

Hilaritas – with cheerfulness

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  • Hilaritas sells the legal LSD-derivative 1V-LSD:
    Refresh your mind.
  • We are a creative start-up from Berlin, Germany:
    Refine our life.
  • Research, enjoy, and spread love:
    Research with respect.

1V-LSD is for research purposes

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  • Please do not consume 1V-LSD mindlessly.
    Research carefully and practice awareness.
    Explore pure beauty.
  • Set, Setting, and Dosage are tremendously relevant!
  • Do not consume alcohol and cannabis.
  • Eat and drink healthy!
  • Just discover fascination.

LSD is relevant:
Healing mental illnesses and beyond

David Nutt Drugs Ranking
  • LSD can cure addiction, anxiety, and depression. (Link to meta-study)
  • LSD is harmless compared with alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis. (David Nutt 2010)
  • LSD is art. LSD is love. LSD is magic.

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