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We sell 1cP-LSD online and offline (in LSD stores, via LSD.Shop, and via LSD.Taxi in Berlin, Germany).

Is 1cP-LSD legal to purchase in Germany? Yes, it is sold as "Research Chemical" to conduct your research.

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" Study" is an independent research study to show that

1cP-LSD can cure mental disorders (anxiety, depression, and addictions) – as was shown for LSD.

If you smoke cigarettes / weed, have a drinking problem, an eating disorder or a sex addiction you qualify for the " Study". is an ongoing 20-weeks program (5 months) with three different study groups:

Placebo-Reflection-Group (free) vs. Micro-Dosing-Group (12 tabs = 12€ ) vs. Full-Tripping-Group (50 tabs = 50€) is not a double-blind study as we do think participants will always realise if they take LSD or a placebo.

While micro-dosing is a quarter of a tab every third day, full-tripping means a total of 50 tabs of 1cP-LSD over 5 months:

1 tab of 1cP-LSD per week for 5 weeks, followed by 2 tabs per week for 5 weeks, 3 tabs per week for 5 weeks, and 4 tabs per week for 5 weeks.


Participants need to fill out weekly questionnaires about their intimate habits such as, drug, eating, and sexual habits.

Join the " Study" and pay 1€ per tab.

1cP-LSD might be your cure – take part in the " Study"!




LSD.Taxi is a 1cP-LSD home-delivery service in Berlin (A and B area):

Full Tripping (100 ug / mcg)

Microdosing (20 ug / mcg)

5 tabs for 70€ (14€ per tab),

10 tabs for 85€ (8.50€ per tab),

25 tabs for 120€ (4.8€ per tab),

50 tabs for 170€ (3.4€ per tab), and

100 tabs for 250€ (2.5€ per tab).

5 tabs for 57€ (11.4€ per tab),

10 tabs for 60€ (6.0€ per tab),

25 tabs for 70€ (2.8€ per tab),

50 tabs for 85€ (1.7€ per tab), and

100 tabs for 110€ (1.1€ per tab).


Call for mixtures of both – full tripping and microdosing tabs. We can make it work – just call :)

0049 175 76 75 708

(call or use Signal / Telegram / Threema / WhatsApp)



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